Primal Strength Rebel Power Bands Up to 42mm

SKU PSAC0026-1-01

The Rebel Elite Fitness Power Bands are heavy duty resistance bands and come in four different sizes. The Red 15mm band is ideal for stretching and lighter power work, the grey and purple 30/45mm bands are great for single training exercises, assisting chin-ups, and overload training when added to a rack and/or bar, and the green 65mm band is perfect for more experienced athletes and ideal for heavy-duty rack pulls and heavy squat or power work.

Power Bands are great for:

  • Power Training
  • Quickly Increasing Weight to the Top Part of Lifts
  • Overload Training When Attached to a Rack or Bar
  • Assisting Pull-Ups
  • Stretching & Agility
  • Great for Upper and Lower Body Circuits
  • Providing an adaptable solution for working out when travelling


  • Heavy-Duty Power Bands
  • Four Sizes; 15mm, 30mm, 45mm, 65mm
  • Colour-Coded, Premium, Layered-Latex Rubber
  • Designed for Stretching, Strength & Power Training


Brand Primal Strength
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1-Year Commercial Warranty