Purchase Orders


I would like to order via purchase order. What is the process?

If you are a local authority, school, college or university then we will be able to accept a purchase order from you. We follow a simple process to allow purchase orders to be raised quickly and enable you to get your orders as soon as possible. Please see our simple step by step process below:

1. Create your purchase order form

The form should include all the below information and must be on headed paper:

  • Purchase order number / reference
  • Exact name of item(s)
  • Quantity of item(s)
  • Item cost
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address
  • Email address


2.Once complete, please email your purchase order to:

Email - sales@bestgymequipment.co.uk

3. Upon receipt we will get in contact with you to confirm your order and delivery information;

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your company details?

Company Registration Number: 07605330
VAT No: GB 213 675 515

Can I speak to someone to discuss further?

Of course, contact our friendly customer service team to find out more. You can reach us on 01373 480 430 or email sales@bestgymequipment.co.uk

Is there any other information I should be aware of?

  • Purchase order number / reference
  • Our standard 30 day returns policy is applied for all purchases. Delivery charge will still be applied for return items
  • Payment is required prior to delivery