Jordan Classic Rubber Dumbbells - Pairs


Get a pair of these great-value rubber dumbbells featuring Jordan Fitness' classic design. Suitable for commercial, boutique gyms as well as home users.

  • Used for bodybuilding, CrossFit, functional training as well as standard strength dumbbell exercises
  • Stylish rubber solid ends with chrome contoured handle
  • Known, industry-wide for leaving zero damage to gym benches and flooring
  • New, improved design is available in a variety of sets between 1-10kg, 2-20kg and individual pairs from 2.5kg and 50kg (2.5kg increments)
  • One-year warranty

    Sets available - Please contact us to order. 
  • 1-10kg (1kg increments / 10 pairs)
  • 2-20kg (2kg increments /10 pairs)
  • 2.5-50kg (2.5kg increments / 20 pairs)