Impulse Encore ECT7 Treadmill




The 3 HP AC Motor allows the unit to run smoothly no matter what. Three horse power is optimum for running in a commercial environment, especially when user weights will vary.


The Impulse Encore ECT7 Treadmill boast a 0-15% grade incline. This means at the maximum incline of 15%, for every 100 metres you run, you will climb 15 metres.


Ranging from 1kph - 20kph, this unit will accommodate every user need. From walking and jogging (8-12kph) to sprinting and interval training (16-20kph).


The 6 window (LED) + Dot Matrix (LED) display clearly feeds back valuable information to the user. The multiple window display allows for different information to be shown simultaneously giving the user a richer workout experience and limiting the amount of time the user spends interacting with the console.

RUNNING BELT - 50.8cm WIDE x 152.4cm LONG

The large 50.8cm wide running area allows users to progress from walking to running and running to sprinting safely and is built to accommodate high intensity workouts. At 152cm long the running area will accommodate all sizes of gym users up to 6'8". The belt is ultra thick at 2.5mm and is designed to endure high amounts of usage.


Suspension systems in treadmills are vital. The Pullflexx Commercial Suspension System offers users piece of mind as it will absorb impact shock which reduces stress on joints and muscles. This can be particularly important for beginners or rehabilitation uses.


Users can input weight and age factors which enables more accurate workout feedback


  • Calories Target
  • Distance Target
  • Time Target
  • Manual
  • Cardio
  • Interval
  • Burn Calories
  • Heart Rate
  • My Workout (design your own workout)


The treadmill features a one touch system which allows the users to increase or decrease speed or incline with the touch of a button.

    • Speed: 3kph, 6kph, 9kph, 12kph
    • Incline: 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%


This treadmill boast many accessories including a reading rack, bottle holders and a mobile phone pocket.

The Impulse Encore ECT7 Series Light Commercial Treadmill with a speed range of up to 20km/h and incline range up to 15% is both affordable and made to the highest quality.

      • PulFlexx commercial suspension system and 2.5mm running belt.
      • 3 HP AC Motor - speed range 1.0 - 20km/h, incline range 0 - 15%.
      • One touch console system allows the user to increase or decrease speed or incline with the touch of a button.
      • 7 preset workout programs, 6 goal workout programs, 1 user-defined program and 3 heart rate controlled programmes.
      • Accessory storage - reading rack, bottle holder and mobile phone pocket.


Brand Impulse
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty Frame: 7 years; Display PCB: 2 years; Key pad: 1 year; Motor Controller: 2 years; Durable Wear Parts: 1 year; Treadmill AC motor: 3 years; Treadmill DC motor: 1 year