Curve Runner Pro - Non-Motorised Treadmill

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Curve Runner Pro - Non-Motorised Treadmill

The Curve Runner Pro brings a non-motorised, curved treadmill design and a high-end cosmetic finish to the UK market. Building on the success of existing curved treadmills, the Curve Runner Pro adds unbeatable build quality, a clear and easy to use console with a wide range of data read-outs and a brilliant aesthetic to provide unrivalled value for money. In additional to all of the features above, the Pro adds a resistance braking system and dropped hand-rails which makes it the ultimate HIIT training tool. The resistance system allows for low drives (like sled pushes), lateral strides and power walking in addition to standard jogging and running.


    • Pro Braking System - The Pro Braking system turns the machine into one of the most versatile machine in the market. The six settings allow for natural running, low drives, lateral strides and power walking.
    • Non-motorised - The brilliant curve design responds to your stride allowing you to run with a natural freedom that can't be replicated on a standard treadmill. The belt will respond instantly to any change in your pace so there's no need for constant console adjustments to match your energy levels or desired workout. The ultimate tool for interval, sprint or HIIT training as well as traditional fitness or distance runs.
    • Self-Powered - Because there's no motor, there's no need for electric either - great for the environment and your energy bills. This means that the machine can be placed absolutely anyway, whether that's in the middle of your Crossfit box, in a PT studio or in the garage for home use, there's no need to worry about trailing cables to power the machine.
    • Curve Design - The refined, curved design mimics your natural stride pattern and reduces the impact of running. It'll naturally encourage you to move on the balls of your feet for a better, more natural movement.
    • Incredible Durability, Zero Maintenance - With a traditional treadmill, each time your plant your foot, it creates friction between the running belt and deck which, over time, will wear away both parts and cause the need for a potentially expensive service call-out and some new parts. With the Curve Runner One, you're running on a heavy-duty slated tread so there's no deck underneath and no extra wear. Because there's no motor, there's no motor-control board either so all of the complicated and expensive electronics that comes with a standard treadmill are gone and you can relax in the knowledge that you're saving money year after year over a conventional treadmill model.
    • Generation One Console - The clear, simple and easy to use Generation One console gives you clear, concise and accurate read-outs at a glace. These include Avg. / Max Speed, Avg. / Max Heart Rate (when used with a HR Chest Strap - included), Time, Distance (Miles / Km) and calories.
  • Transport Wheels and Handle - Ideal for multi-use spaces, the machine is fitted with a full size transport handle and heavy-duty transport wheels for the ultimate freedom to move the machine as little or often as you need to

Note: The Curve Runner will always arrive fully assembled


  • Min / Max Speed: Unlimited.
  • Min / Max Incline: N/A
  • Max User Weight: 180kg (28st 5lbs approx.)
  • Console Type: Generation One LCD
  • Heart Rate Sensors: Chest strap compatible - supplied with the machine.

    The Curve Runner Pro brings a non-motorised, curved treadmill design and a high-end cosmetic finish to the UK market.


    Brand Curve Runner
    Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
    Condition Brand New
    Warranty 2 years warranty