WaterRower NOHrD WaterGrinder

SKU 10QP7000-01

The Grinder is a technical piece of equipment used on high-performance sailing boats.

With the grinder, you control the sails. The Grinders are sailors that operate the Grinder and are responsible for the quick bringing up and down of the sails.

Professional Grinder's sail on regattas like the America’s Cup and the physical performance of the Grinders often determine the difference between winning and losing.

With the WaterGrinder we introduce an effective and beautiful designed upper body workout machine that simulated the exercise of Sail Grinders.

With the WaterGrinder you train your complete upper body and your cardiovascular system in a most effective and joyful way.

  • The monitor controls your handle rotation, your heart rate, time and watt.
  • Available in solid Ash, Cherry and Walnut
  • 6 different seat positions compact design
  • Efficient training
  • Height 120 cm
  • Length 110 cm
  • Width 80 cm
  • Trains the upper body and cardiovascular system


Brand NOHrD
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 months warranty