WaterRower M1 Lo-Rise


WaterRower M1 RowerThe WaterRower M1 LoRise is a full commercial model with a lower level entry point (300mm/12") than the M1 HiRise (500mm/20"). The frame is constructed from powder coated aluminum.

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Made from a powder coated tubular steel frame, the WaterRower M1 LoRise represents the ultimate in toughness and durablility - ideal for those looking to train intensively.

Like all machines in the range, it uses paddles to connect to a moving mass of water, simulating the exercise of rowing on a lake or river.

The WaterRower has been designed as a natural rowing simulator and is unrivalled in replicating not only the superb physiological dynamics of rowing, but much of the aesthetic pleasure as well, giving the calming feel of a boat gliding down the river.

WaterRower M1 Rower

Rowing has long been recognised as the most complete aerobic exercise:

    • Works 84% of the muscle mass- more than any other exercise, rowing recruits all major muscle groups
    • Maximises gain, minimise time - derive maximum benefit from an all body workout and burn more calories in less time.

    • Kind to the body - no impact or load on the joints, suitable for all, young or old, male or female, big or small, fit or unfit
    • Relaxing to the mind - smooth and rhythmical, a joy to use
    • Combines Aerobic and Resistance - unique combination of aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

WaterRower M1 RowerFeatures S4 Monitor 
The S4 Monitor has been designed for easy QuickStart of most functions, simply press the on button and away you row.

Delve a little deeper and there are many more advanced functions for the novice through the elite user

WaterRower M1 RowerThe S4 Monitor displays: 
    • Intensity in m/s (meters per second
    • mph (mile per hour)
    • /500m (time per 500 meters)
    • /2km (time per 2 kilometers)
    • watts and Kcalories per hour
    • Strokerate
    • Heartrate (with optional heartrate attachment)
    • Distance in units of meters, kilometers, miles and total strokes and duration

Good reasons to choose a WaterRower with the S4 Monitor:

    • WaterRower Compliments any Environment - a model to suit any user
    • Silent and Unintrusive - will not annoy or intrude on those around you
    • Surprisingly Compact - a full foot shorter than the nearest competitor
    • Stores with Ease - simply store it up on end in the size of a dining room chair
    • Suitable for All - anyone can use the WaterRower regardless of age, sex, size of level of fitness

WaterRower M1 Rower

Preferred by 86% of Gym Users
Gone are the days of fighting mechanics, overloading the lower back and jerky jarring movements. The WaterRower M1 is the only machine that truly simulates the naturally smooth dynamic of rowing.

And users love it! Clients at Fitness First Covent Garden commented that they "preferred the WaterRower's smooth, even intensity and felt it offered a better workout than conventional rowing machines." Its smooth operation makes the M1 accessible to all users, enabling health clubs to increase their membership and enrol new client groups.

Minimize Maintenance - Maximize Customer Satisfaction
A Gym Trainer should focus on exceeding customer satisfaction, not maintaining equipment. Other rowing machines require regular cleaning, oiling, vacuuming and checks for stiffening parts. The WaterRower's intelligent design and quality

components - smooth nylon strapping instead of chains, pulley free bungee cord, and enclosed tank eliminating build-up of dusk; will save valuable hours your staff can dedicate to customer care. By reducing the number of wearing parts to
one - the foot straps; the lifetime costs and chances of machine downtime are minimized and profit and customer usage maximized.

WaterRower M1 RowerAesthetically Unrivalled 
The WaterRower M1 combines sophisticated commercial design with simple user friendly operation. The frame is contemporary design is complimented by its protective silver coating and the transparent water tank engages the user allowing them to see and hear the moving water.

Exercise Efficiency
Widely considered the 'perfect exercise', rowing is a full body workout incorporating all three major muscle groups - Upper Body, Lower Body & Core. Utilizing 84% of the body's muscle mass, more than any other exercise, the user will burn more calories, maximizing their gain while minimizing workout time.

Safety First
No other exercise equipment burns, tones, and works the body as effectively as the WaterRower while minimizing the risk of impact injury. The WaterRower removes impact from hip, knee and ankle joints and undue load from the lower back. The unique self-regulating resistance feature can meet the needs of any user automatically. A gentle row is ideal for a senior or rehabilitating user, while the elite athlete simply rows faster and the resistance increases. With no levers to adjust or prior knowledge required the risk of injury is all but eliminated, making it suitable for all users - young or old, male or female, fit or unfit.


Brand Waterrower
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty Parts 3 years Frame 5 years