Sole Fitness Chest Strap

SKU BGE-10836

For years now Sole Fitness has proven to be a competitor in the exercise world by designing quality products that meet the fitness needs of the beginner, moderate, and advanced exerciser alike.

Sole's engineers continue to develop durable and trusted equipment that is consistently used and highly rated in both residential and light commercial settings.
The Sole heart rate chest strap is one of the best on the market. All chest straps need to be worn properly with good electrical contact on the skin.

The chest strap should be worn directly under the breast (breast size in females does not interfere with operation) and the strap adjusted so it is tight enough to ensure constant contact with the skin during movement but not too tight as to cause discomfort.

The chest strap should be adjusted for your chest and may have to be readjusted to ensure good contact on another person.

Compatible with all Sole Cardio Products.


Brand Sole Fitness
Usage Home Use
Condition Brand New