Sole Climber SC200

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Designed to focus on the lower body without applying too much stress on the hip and knee joints, the Sole SC200 Climber features 1 – 20 resistance levels, 10 programmes and a 7.5" Backlit LCD for the perfect at-home cardio workout.

The SC200 Climber from Sole comprises a front drive system, 11.3 kg flywheel and 18” stride length. Virtually silent in operation, the ECB resistance system ranges from 1 – 20 levels, giving you plenty of workout versatility.

The 15” foot pedals features a natural 2-degree inward slope for comfort and correct positioning, while the rubber moving and stationery sets of handlebars are built with resistance controls on the tips for easy workout adjustments. The frame of the SC200 is sturdy, with corrosion resistance aluminium rails and powder-coated steel tubing.

The console is an impressive 7.5" Backlit LCD display which included buttons for seamless workout adjustments, displaying real-time data as you work through the 10 programmes which include: Manual, Interval, Fat Burn, Hill, Strength, Cardio, 2 User, 2 HRC – 60% THR and 80% THR. Heart rate monitoring is enabled via the incorporated Hand Pulse, Built-In Receiver and optional Chest Belt (not included).

Stay motivated as your work out with the integrated sound system, featuring MP3 player compatibility and a sound cord for other devices. 

The SC200 also includes a Cooling Fan, Foam Handle Bar, Accessory Tray, Reading Rack and Transport Wheels.

Drive System: Front Drive
Virtually silent operation: Ideal for home use
Flywheel: 11.3 kg / 25 lbs
Stride Length: 18”
Resistance Type: ECB
Resistance Levels: 1 – 20 
15" Comfort Foot Pedals: With a natural 2 degree inward slope
Rubber Moving and Stationary Handlebars: With resistance controls built into the tips
Aluminium Rails: Corrosion resistant 
Steel Tubing: Powder-coated 
Computer Display: 7.5" Backlit LCD with buttons for workout adjustments 
10 Programmes: Manual, Interval, Fat Burn, Hill, Strength, Cardio, 2 User, 2 HRC – 60% THR & 80% THR
Heart Rate Monitoring: Hand Pulse; Built-In Receiver; optional Chest Belt (not included)
Integrated Sound System: Featuring MP3 player compatibility and a sound cord for other devices
Extras: Fan; Foam Handle Bar; Transport Wheels; Accessory Tray; Reading Rack
Dimensions: 143 x 45 x 153 cm
Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs 
Max. User Weight: 150 kg / 330 lbs

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