Sanyo DR8700 Massage Chair

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Human beings can suffer from both physical and mental fatigue. The therapy has been designed based on a "stiffness feeling" as physical fatigue, and now the stress sensor, senses the degree of "stress" i.e. mental fatigue.

The massage lounger's massage promotes relaxation according to the stress level. The HEC-DR8700 massage lounger offers treatment of both the mental and physical aspects through the stiffness sensor and stress sensor working together.

Sanyo massage loungers are closer to the techniques of a professional masseur than ever before.

Zero-Gravity Position

In the Zero Gravity position, the chair maintains support to the back while the seat adjusts to the optimum 30° angle and footrest elevates the legs. This position is most beneficial, as it relieves stress on the back and allows oxygen and blood to flow more freely throughout the body.

Once in the Zero Gravity position, exclusive GK Rollers emulate the “grasping and kneading” of a live massage. The thumb-shaped jointed rollers reach out up to 6 inches to comfortably squeeze the neck and tops of the shoulders. The massage continues down the back by stroking and tapping to the tailbone. The legs and feet are treated to an exclusive multi-point Shiatsu massage via airbags that deliver deep and penetrating relief.

Features of the Sanyo DR8700:

Sensor Controller

Selecting the Full Auto Course and inputting your age will measure your pulse fluctuations (R-R intervals as seen in an electrocardiogram) and determine the degree of stress.

Research Center for Sports and Healthcare Technology of Ritsumeikan University and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. have conducted cooperative research on electrocardiographic measurement and applied technology.

Stiffness Sensor

This sensor detects the amount of stiffness you’re feeling in your body by sensing physiological response variations. It then automatically adjusts to provide the best massage for your body in the same way a professional senses your stiffness with the fingertips.

Relaxation through Neutral Body Posture

The seat angle adjusts upward 30 degrees to approximate the Neutral Body Posture, spreading the load of the body optimally and achieving a comfortable sitting position. This prevents the body’s load from being applied too much to one area, thus allowing the user to relax in a natural posture.

The lower-back area fits snugly for a feeling of being absorbed into the chair, providing the ideal conditions for the user to receive a thorough kneading massage.

The Ideal Position for Air Massage

Lifts the legs and feet to be parallel with the floor for a posture suitable

for leg/foot massages. Shiatsu nodes effectively stimulate for a fully relaxed

feeling while a gentle air massage is applied to the back.

The Ideal Position for Effective Stretching

Raising the legs transfers the load from the feet to the lower back,

which promotes a posture suitable for stretching. The rolling massage on the back and angle changes of the legs provide effective stretching.


Brand Sanyo
Usage Home Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 2years on spare parts