Primal Strength Performance V2 HD Power Rack

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The Primal Strength Performance V2 HD Power Rack is our heaviest-duty commercial power rack available.

It has been engineered using commercial grade11 gauge/3mm laser-cut steel, robotically welded and electro-powder coated.. It has been thoroughly tested to withstand loads of up to 600kg.

The rack is designed with 16 laser-cut holes to ensure the spotter catchers, Primal Strength Custom Sandwich J-Hooks, can be set at any height. The power rack frame is supported by an extended base structure (which can be bolted to the floor) to ensure a 600kg maximum load capacity and security when performing a wide range of exercises. The extended base frame allows for any bench to be fully utilised in the power rack and allows spotters ample room to support the lifter from the spotter platform.

The back frame is designed to accommodate 300kg of bumper plates. The Multi-Angle Chin-Up option offers vertical and horizontal wide-grip chin-up handles, vertical and horizontal close-grip chin-up handles, and mid-range, angled handles

The Performance V2 HD Power Rack comes electro powder-coated in Matte Black. The Primal Strength Commercial HD Power Rack is designed to be used with any of the Primal Strength Olympic Bars. Our Monster Series Benches, the Spyder 2.0 Commercial Bench and the Stealth Commercial Fitness FID Bench fit seamlessly in the power rack. The rack has a commercial lifetime frame warranty and 1-year consumables warranty.

The Primal Strength HD Rack Includes: 

  • Two Premium Sandwich J-Hooks. Each J-Hook has rubber-moulded inserts to protect Olympic bars. The J-Hook design ensures bars can be re-racked safely, with no bounce out
  • Two Safety Spotter Arms with rubber inserts
  • Six Welded Powerband Bars at the base of the frame
  • Multi-Angle Chin-up Frame
  • Spotter Platform (Can be Folded Away When Not in Use)
  • Our Heaviest-Duty Commercial Rack
  • Engineered Using Commercial-Grade,11 Gauge/3mm Steel- 182kg Weight
  • Multi-Grip Chin-Up Handles
  • Adjustable Spotter Platform (Fold Away)
  • Premium Rubber, Moulded-Sandwich J-Hooks Included
  • 3 Sets of Welded Band Pegs
  • Disc Storage
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty with 600kg Maximum Load Capacity


Brand Primal Strength
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1-year consumables warranty, Lifetime Frame