Origin Yoga Mat (with Eyelets)

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  • Textured surface gives more grip
  • Cushioning system makes for a more comfortable workout
  • Lightweight - great for taking to and from classes
  • Eyelets allow mats to hang vertically on hangers
  • 61cm x 173cm x 0.4cm

The Origin Yoga Mat provides a stylish and functional purpose suitable for all levels.

Cushioning System

The cushioning system gives users support and also makes for a more comfortable yoga workout.

Textured Surface

The textured surface created a stylish look and also gives user more grip whilst exercising. This is particularly useful when trying technical and demanding yoga poses.


The yoga mats are lightweight and portable allowing users to take their mats wherever they go.


The 36cm apart eyelets allow yoga centres and classes to store yoga mats out of the way which also improves the life of the mats.


Ensure to keep your yoga mats clean by regularly cleaning with water spray and a cloth. This is also increase the life of your yoga mat


61cm x 173cm x 0.4cm


Brand Origin
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 months warranty