Origin Slam Ball (up to 15kg)


Product Description

The Origin Slam Balls are the perfect training tool for explosive slamming movements. Available in sizes 3-9kg (increasing in increments of 2kg), 12kg and 15kg. These multi-use, dead-bounce balls are textured for extra grip to allow a full explosive movement and Slam!

Designed to absorb impact the Origin Slam Balls are the perfect solution for an explosive workout - these workouts are a great for the entire body - mainly focusing on core and upper body with an addition of improving Strength, Joint Integrity, Co-ordination, Range of Motion and Flexibility.

The Origin Slam Balls are also the perfect product for circuits and interval training with a bonus of being usable in the outdoors - as well as indoors.

    Great for these exercises:

    • Overhead Slams
    • Medicine Ball Press-Ups
    • Weighted Lunges
    • Weighted Sit Ups
    • Lateral Slams
    • Wall Throws

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Origin Fitness
    Condition New
    Dimensions Increases respectively with weight
    Materials Sand-filled PVC
    Increments 3-9kg (by 2kg increments) 12 & 15kg
    Wall thickness 3.5mm
    Weight Range 3-15kg
    Warranty Type Commercial Warranty
    Commercial Warranty Details

    The Origin Slam Balls are covered by a 6-month limited manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects unless stated otherwise. This warranty does not include wear and tear.

    Intended Use: The Origin Slam Balls are intended to be used for slamming only in a controlled and safe environment.

    Environment: The environment should be clean and free of debris or sharp objects as this can cause undue pressure on the balls and cause them to burst. Impacting anything but the floor could cause damage to the slam ball.