Origin Olympic Bumper Plates (up to 20kg)

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The Origin Olympic Bumper Weight Plates allow users to perform more dynamic and impact based workouts than when using traditional Olympic Weight Plates as the thicker base will distribute the weight over a larger area. This in turn reduces the impact force.

  • Steel inner ring allows for effortless slide on and off bars
  • Built to last
  • Perfect for Olympic weightlifting
  • Designed to distribute impact force when dropped
  • Improve strength, boost cardio fitness and add muscle definition

The Origin Olympic Bumper Weight Plates are suitable for use in Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit and other heavy duty weightlifting programmes. Designed to distribute impact force throughout each plate used they all have the same diameter and are perfect for Olympic weightlifting exercises, such as clean and jerk, and snatching.

Olympic weightlifting exercises should only be done in adequate Olympic weightlifting environments. This means as well as using the correct plates for the job, the flooring/platforms should be able to withstand the increased impact force specific to Olympic weightlifting exercises.

Available in three different weights and thickness: 5kg - 2.4cm thickness, 10kg - 4cm thickness, 20kg - 7.8cm and all with a diameter of 44.7cm, they will provide you with everything you need for a powerful weight training program.


Brand Origin
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1 year warranty