Origin 20kg Men’s Olympic Weightlifting Bar

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  • Bushing & eight needle bearings which allows smooth rotation
  • High grade Olympic bar
  • Knurl Pattern: IWF Standard
  • 215,000 PSI Tensile Strength




The Origin 20kg Men’s Olympic Weightlifting Bar is one of our best barbells yet. After supplying equipment to gyms of all types since 2008 we’ve learned the importance customers place on getting the right barbell for their needs.

The importance of quality in any Olympic bar is key. We have worked tirelessly to develop a bar with top features across the board, so that when our clients demand the very best, we provide it.

The Olympic Weightlifting bar features IWF style knurling and eight needle bearings offering lifters, perfect grip and effortless speed under the bar.

This product is an excellent choice for weightlifters. The tensile strength of 215,200 psi makes the bar one of the most reliable on the market and is sure to last a lifetime. Durability in such a heavy use piece of kit is extremely important, for both quality management and turn-around of equipment over time.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Origin Fitness
Condition New
Weight 20kg
Capacity 680.3kg (1500lbs)
Warranty Type Commercial Warranty
Commercial Warranty Details

We provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects under the condition that they have been used and maintained correctly in line with our Barbell Warranty Conditions and definitions below.

The definition of used correctly:

1.1 Weight loading should not exceed max capacity outlined in specifications
1.2 Bars are not left loaded with weights
1.3 Bars are only used with proper weight plates*
1.3 Use is only on a proper weightlifting platform**
1.4 Bars are not dropped on boxes, benches, spotter arms or similar.

The definition of maintained correctly:
2.1 Chalk is cleaned regularly from the bar in line with our barbell maintenance guidelines.
2.2. Bars are regularly oiled to prevent rusting and to ensure correct lubrication in line with our guidelines.

*We class proper weight plates as rubber or polyurethane bumper weight plates designed for use with an Olympic bar. Steel plates or handled weight discs do not fall into this category. **We class a proper weightlifting platform as a designated area where weights are dropped only on a rubberised drop zone with minimum depth 40mm.