Origin Double Grip Medicine Ball Set with vertical Rack (up to 10kg)

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  • Training aid for core strength, balance, stability, coordination, flexibility and speed
  • Dynamic and versatile piece of fitness equipment
  • Black textured finish, adds grip, making it safer to handle
  • The colour coded design allows for easy identification
  • Perfect for personal or group fitness

The Origin Double Grip Medicine Balls allow for a different range of workouts to traditional medicine balls as the user is able to lift greater weights.

The colour coded design allows for easy identification of weights and also adds colour and vibrancy to the surrounding workout environment.

Available in a wide range of weight variables and colours:

  • 5kg: black with light blue
  • 6kg: black with purple
  • 7kg: black with red
  • 8kg: black with green
  • 9kg: black with yellow
  • 10kg: black with orange

Approximate diameter of each double handle medicine ball is 26cm.


Brand Origin
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1 year warranty