Life Fitness Synrgy 360S - Fundamental Package

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SYNRGY360S - Limitless Training

Life Fitness Forward products are designed for the innovative and connected ways people exercise today. It's our new direction, building on a legacy of extraordinarily tested and remarkably perfected equipment. We're changing where the industry and your business can go. This is the future of fitness

It's a new system for personal training. Synrgy360™ combines several popular total-body, dynamic exercises into a system that helps personal trainers more effectively train individuals and groups, giving users fun, unlimited ways to exercise. This system helps create a personal training focal point to facilitate individual personal training and small group training. Synrgy360 includes accessories, flooring and training materials together in one complete solution.

Synrgy360 can facilitate eight of the top 20 trends highlighted in the 2012 annual American College of Sports Medicine survey of fitness trends, including functional fitness, strength training, exercise and weight loss, personal training, core training, group personal training, boot camp and sport-specific training.

Features of the SYNRGY360s

The Synrgy360s has three customizable spaces with optional TRX® Training Zone suspension bars.

Up to eight users can utilize three customizable exercise spaces.

Note Synrgy360s is required to be secured to the floor to stabilize and eliminate rocking and tipping.

The modular design of Synrgy360 makes it possible for customers to choose a configuration that meets varying training philosophies.

In collaboration with Life Fitness Academy and the Personal Trainer community, both Synrgy360x and Synrgy360s have designed these recommended configurations:

* Fundamental Package* Combo Package* Mix Package* Versa Package

Included in the Life Fitness Synrgy 360S Fundamental Package:

* Synergy 360s Center Versa Space * Synergy 360s Center Versa Space Left * Synergy 360s Center Versa Space Right * Synergy 360s Suspension Bar * Synergy 360s Step Up Platform * Synergy 360s Dip Handles


Brand Life Fitness
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New