Jordan Studio Powerbag 35kg


Powerbag and the training associated with them has allowed sports-people and trainers from many different areas to really find out what functional training can mean and what results can be achieved when applied properly. Used by Elite performers across the world, Powerbags are finding their way into schools, gymnasiums and into the military.

In essence Powerbag training unlike traditional weight training equipment utilizes the movement and instability within the system itself to create an element of unpredictability during lifting. This design feature forces the stabilizing muscles to accommodate to shifts in weight during the course of the movement. This helps to make Powerbag based training more effective than many training approaches towards improving performance in real world situations be they sporting or otherwise. We know the effects of training are fairly specific to the movements trained, and where outside of a gym do you lift a perfectly balanced piece of apparatus by its centre of balance?

Product Information

  • Complex movement based exercises, all multi-joint in nature and all requiring a high emphasis on stability.
  • Movement drills, such as fast feet, ladder drills, heel flicks etc.
  • Jumps & drops, which are difficult to achieve resisted due to awkwardness of bars.
  • Throws, difficult to do with most systems other than medicine balls which rarely exceed more than 15kg.
  • Catching and taking the impact, again difficult to complete with most systems.
  • Dynamic movements with a partner, throw... catch... move... throw... catch
  • Pure resisted core stability movements.


Brand Jordan
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New