Impulse IT Leg Press / Hack Squat Plate Loaded


More targeted workout than free standing squats

When going through the full range of motion, the hack squat tends to work more of the vastus medialis and lateralis muscles (those around the knees).

The regular free weight squat tends to develop more of the inner and outer muscles as you must use these for stabilization.

  • Dimensions - (L x W x H) 225.3 x 97.5 x 147.5cm
  • Weight - 157kg


Brand Impulse
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty Lifetime - Frame, 2 Years - Rotary bearings, weight stacks, pulleys, guide rods and structural moving parts. 1 Year - Cables, linear bearings and springs, 6 Months - Hand Grips and all other parts, 1 Year - Labour