EXIT Spider Gokart (3-8y)

SKU 23400000

The EXIT Spider Go-Kart is a super cool go-kart for children, aged 3-8 years. The Spider is light in weight and easy to drive; ideal for young children! This go-kart has a wide age range due to the adjustable seat!

Ease of use:

The EXIT Spider is very agile and therefore easy to handle because it has a small steering pad. You can also just as easily reverse and therefore you are even more agile! The comfortable chair is easy to adjust, without tools, into three different positions; the Spider can therefore grow with the child. Seeing that the go-kart features a pendulum axle, both front wheels remain safely on the ground, even on uneven surfaces. The frame of the EXIT Spider is very solid (frame conduit ø 38mm). The robust metal front bumper ensures that the sporty spoiler is well-protected.


The EXIT Spider is a super cool black/lime green go-kart, completely finished off with thick comfortable pneumatic tyres, sporty wheels and a spoiler. The steering wheel itself is cool, but it also has a place for a sound box with real racing sounds, which is offered as an accessory. The Spider also features headlights and turning signals that are easy to operate from the dashboard. Provide your go-kart with your own name and “number plate” with the supplied set of stickers with letters. And to top it off, there is also a tough handbrake on the go-kart! This makes driving the EXIT Spider even more fun and challenging!

The EXIT Spider is also equipped with a device to hook on a trailer and it comes in a beautiful full colour packaging.

Accessories (currently available):

    • EXIT Sound box (; various racing sounds that will make driving even more adventurous

    • EXIT Safety flag (; this fluorescent flag ensures that the go-kart, and its driver, will be more visible in traffic

    • EXIT Marker cones (Green/Black) 20 pieces (; create your own track with these marker cones

    • EXIT X-Man Safety Keeper to drive through the neighbourhood safely!


Brand EXIT
Usage Home Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 2 Years Warranty