EXIT Panna-ArenA Round 488cm (16ft) + Surround-Net

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Panna football is the trend in street football and is becoming increasing popular among youngsters! Panna means 'gate', and you score a Panna if you manage to manoeuvre the ball between your opponent's legs and retain possession of the ball. Panna football is played 1 versus 1 or 2 versus 2. By using clever football tricks, you try to trump your opponent. The big difference between this and the standard football game is that the ball cannot go over the sideline or cross the goal line. The game is continuous. A very common method of playing out or passing is to play the ball via the wall at the sides of the field and behind the goals. If you ‘give’ your opponent a Panna, you win immediately!

Panna fields are usually found only in public places, but with this EXIT Panna-Arena, EXIT Toys has designed an affordable panna field that can be easily placed in the garden! The boarding is made of a lovely black metal frame (galvanized and powder-coated!), and the interior is cladded with black PVC panels. The boarding can be mounted and dismantled quickly, because the frame parts are hooked into each other instead of screwed. Both goals are integrated into the boarding and also equipped with a metal frame with a sturdy black net.

The EXIT Panna-Arena is delivered with the Surround-Net! That converts the Panna field into a real ArenA! Thanks to the net, the ball stays inside of the panna field and allows you to continue playing. The entrance can be opened or closed very easily with the zipper. The poles of the Surround-Net are covered by a thick layer of foam, making them extra safe.

The EXIT Panna-ArenA is suitable for any surface that can be used for football; for example, grass, but also a hard surface.

The EXIT Panna-Arena guarantees you hours of fun, has a cool look and it also looks nice in the garden!

Panna rules:
    • You play 1 against 1 or 2 against 2.
    • A game lasts 3 minutes.
    • You have to score a goal within 30 seconds.
    • A Panna is an immediate end to the game or the highest score wins.
    • In case of a tie, there is an extension of 30 seconds and after that, a toss of a coin.
    • A Panna counts only if you manage to play the ball in between the opponent’s legs and keep possession of the ball.
    • Free kicks have to be taken within three seconds.
    • Limited body contact is permitted.
    • Dangerous play is not permitted.
    • Time does not stop in case of fouls or other delays.
    • Respect and fair play are essential in Panna.


Brand: EXIT

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