EXIT Galaxy Portable Basket Basket


User friendly; quick-height-adjustment-system

The Galaxy has a unique system that allows the basket to be adjusted at the desired height in a few seconds. You pull on the control knob and with the green handle, you slide the system on the desired height. Automatically the control knob locks. And for this, there is also little force required, making it even children can set the right height. So you can choose the right height at any time. The EXIT Galaxy Basketball is adjustable in 5 different heights: 230cm / 245cm / 260cm / 285cm / 305cm (match height seniors).

Easy to use; can be easily moved

The Galaxy portable basketball is equipped with a unique movable frame containing counter weights. If you use ‘normal’ movable systems, you often have to first tilt the entire system before it can be moved. That is not easy and sometimes even dangerous, certainly for kids. The Galaxy frame is equipped with three (3) wheels and can easily be moved without tilting it. The swiveling castor at the front makes for easy steering. The frontal handgrip makes steering and moving even easier. Even kids can move the system.

Counter weights

The frame is equipped with a flexible and weather-resistant cover that can be closed and in which three (3) counterweights are placed. These counterweights are filled with sand and enable the system to stand firmly. (55kg for each sandbag. So the total contra-weight is about 165kg) In contrast to systems that have a plastic base filled with water, the Galaxy does not leak, does not get damaged by frost and always stands safely!


The robust frame of 89mm, the reinforced basketball ring and the steel-rimmed polycarbonate (PC) backboard guarantee many hours of playing and fun! Filling the three supplied sandbags, which you subsequently place in the cover intended for this purpose, guarantees that the frame stands firmly.


Brand EXIT
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 2 Years