Exigo Functional Six30° - X1 Series

SKU FR-5390-01

Available in a variety of spans up to 10 metres, the Six30 systems offers a real benefit within any training environment creating an ideal functional playground.

Note: Wide variety of accessories/attachments are available with the product. Call us for details.

Number of Users supported by individual Series:

  • X1-500: 6 Users
  • X1-600: 8 Users
  • X1-700: 10 Users
  • X1-800: 12 Users
  • X1-900: 14 Users
  • X1-1000: 16 Users

Key Features:

  • 1 x Six30 Parallel Bar
  • 1 x Six30 Straight Bar
  • 1 x Bar Storage
  • 1 x Functional Core Plate
  • 1 x Multi Loop Assembly (4 Loops)
  • We recommend that rigs should be fitted to a solid floor using appropriate fixings.


Brand Exigo
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty Lifetime Warranty