Exigo Functional Four50° - X3 Series

SKU FR-5300-10

Offering a wide variety of functional training possibilities, the Four50 focuses on the core value of functional training, strength, stability and exercise form. The X3 Series delivers versatility and the additional benefit of triple training stations.

Note: Wide variety of accessories/attachments are available with the product. Call us for details.

Key Features:

  • Must be wall mounted
  • X3-150:6-7 Users can exercise at a time.
  • 1.5M Monkey Bar Run
  • Accepts 2 bays of 150 storage
  • X3-200:8-9 Users can exercise at a time.
  • 2M Monkey Bar Run
  • Accepts 2 bays of 200 Series storage
  • X3-300:10-11 Users can exercise at a time.
  • 3M Monkey Bar Run

Key Features:

  • 1 x Attachment Rail
  • 3 x Bar Storage
  • 3 x Functional Core Plate
  • 3 x Multi Loop Assembly (4 Loops)
  • 3 x Single Loop Assembly
  • 3 x Weight Horn Rail (3 Horns)
  • 1 x Dip Attachment
  • 3 x J Hook 70x70 (Pair)
  • 1 x Exigo Target Board
  • 3 x 45 Degree Wing
  • Wall mounted rigs should be fitted to a solid floor using appropriate fixings.


Brand Exigo
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty Lifetime Warranty