Casada Smart III

SKU BGE-6051

The intensities of the massage on the Smart III Massage Chair can be adjusted and in addition, you can set partial, spot and vibration massage in the seat for a perfect massage experience.

The additional footstool (the Ottoman) makes the massage in the leg and the sole region complete by means of a compression, heat and vibration massage so that you can enjoy a full body massage to bring you to that point of total relaxation.

The massage stimulates circualtion and metabolism and relieves fatigue. You can also use the Ottoman as a footrest. Pull the handle, turn the massage part to 180 degrees and let the handle snap back.

Casada is a well established high quality brand of lifestyle and wellness products since the early 1990's. The brand is recognizable for its class design, excellent quality standard and “easy to use” functionality.

The Smart III Massage Chair offers 4 manual massage techniques Kneading,Tapping,Rolling and Vibration and three preset functions(Upper back,Lower Back and Full back). We are all familiar with the soothing relaxation of tense muscles by a massage.Every massage stimulates the circulatory system,causes the body fluids to move and thereby promotes the evacuation of harmful substances and the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Massage Chairs are the perfect answer to unwinding at the end of a busy day - just sit down and let the chair relieve the stresses and strains.


Brand Casada
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1 Year included (extended warranties are available at an extra cost)