Casada President II

SKU BGE-45032

The The President II Massage Chair comes with three designed massage programs; Relax - Therapy - General, all designed to take away muscle tension and pain, and relax you.

It does also have a selection of massage functions such as kneading, tapping, rolling, dual-action and Swedish, which can be selected for the neck, upper back, lower back or full back. You can select a vibration massage built in the seat and leg area, and the chair has a heating function.

Casada is a well established high quality brand of lifestyle and wellness products since the early 1990's. The brand is recognizable for its class design, excellent quality standard and “easy to use” functionality.

The Casada President II Massage Chair

A Massage Chair with a stylish, good looking design, which fits well in your living room or office.

The President II is recognised by it’s beautiful design and remarkable massage, that improves your wellbeing and makes you feel good. In addition to having a great selection of massage functions, the chair is supplied with an extra cushion for the back rest, making in into a comfortable and stylish armchair for your relaxation.

Massage Chairs are the perfect answer to unwinding at the end of a busy day - just sit down and let the chair relieve the stresses and strains.


Brand Casada
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New