Casada Kennedy III

SKU BGE-0003

The operation of this massage chair is controlled by a microcomputer that performs different massage methods and combinations, like kneading, clapping, tapping, shiatsu, rolling, vibration and air massage. All functions touch acupressure points and helps to relieve fatigue, promote metabolism and improve blood circulation.

The Kennedy III has built in five sets of automatic programs for various full body massages, and also three automatic programs for more locally adjusted massages. You can also adjust your massage manually and combine various types of massage functions, in a way that suits you the best. Once you have experienced this wonderful thing, there is no going back!

Casada is a well established high quality brand of lifestyle and wellness products since the early 1990's. The brand is recognizable for its class design, excellent quality standard and “easy to use” functionality.

The Kennedy III is the newest addition to our massage chair collection, and may we say: "Heavenly!"

To sit down in this chair is pure bliss! The Kennedy III has in addition to eight automatic massage programs, a zero gravity function. This function means that when you sit down in the chair and recline it, it does that in a way that makes you feel weightless, while you rest and enjoy the massage.

Massage Chairs are the perfect answer to unwinding at the end of a busy day - just sit down and let the chair relieve the stresses and strains.


Brand Casada
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1 Year included (extended warranties are available at an extra cost)