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With models to suit all budgets, BH Massage Chairs are the perfect answer to unwinding at the end of a busy day - just sit down and let the chair relieve the stresses and strains.

BH SHIATSU M900 MILAN - evolution in the world of the senses. Feel how reality slips away into dreams, as your whole body reaches new heights in a world of sensations.

The latest technology in massage centres at your service to pamper every inch of your body and help you reach a state of calm and tranquillity that allows you to forget your worries.

Let your BH SHIATSU Massage Chair waft you to a new dimension of pleasant relaxation.

The BH Shiatsu M900 Milan Massage Chair - The following features are available on this model:

Zero-G Function

Experience a new, soothing and innovative way to receive your massage. Enter a state of 0 gravity, allowing you to escape from the world and achieve a sense of unequaled relaxation

Spinal Adjustment Massage TherapyThe built-in optical sensors detect the user's height and shoulder position before starting the session, providing a tailor-made 3D massage

Massage and Vibration on the Feet and Buttocks The vibration and rocking system (Shangri-System) eliminates heaviness in the feet and buttocks, allowing them to reach a state of complete relaxation. A world of sensations that make you feel lighter, more supple, weightless

Smart Leg Position Adjustment Lie back and forget about everything. The smart leg position adjustment system automatically adjusts the position of the foot massager to the length of your legs, so that you can enjoy a massage

Thermal Massaging System Experience the benefits of heat therapy. Multiply the beneficial effect of the massage by activating the Thermal Massaging System and feel the heat envelop the base of your back. The combination of heat and massage will produce an unparalleled sense of relaxation

Reflexotherapy System Experience the sensation of total weightlessness. When you stand you will feel as though you are floating. Each point on the soles of the feet directly corresponds to an organ in the body. The reflexology system of the M900

Multifunctional LED Screen Quickly and easily control whatever sensation you wish to experience, adjust the position of your legs and back, and select the programs that will help you feel better during each session

Arm Air Massage Surrender to the most advanced technology, with the use of airbags, that will increase blood circulation in your body, providing a pleasant feeling of lightness in your arms and hands

Triple Action Focused on your Lower Back The M900 Milan Massage Chair will pamper your lower back through the combined triple massage action of rollers, air pressure and therapeutic heat. You will feel the perfect fit of the Massage Chair around your hips. You will experience a comforting sense of security

HRI Back Analysis System This applies a reconstructive massage to help you feel like new. The HRI program analyses the body's heart rate as the rollers travel across your whole back. This dual action allows the Massage Chair to identify stressed areas of your back so that they can be treated with greater attention

Head Massage (2 airbags) The air controlled head and shoulder massage makes your head relax completely and reduces fatigue, allowing you to feel refreshed and revived.

The following types of massage are available with this model:
Kneading Massage

Circular massage that efficiently relaxes the whole back, strengthening the muscles and easing away tension.

Tapping Massage

      A very gentle, pleasant massage where skilled, agile hands tap along the length of the back helping to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body.

Shiatsu Massage
      Feel as if the finger of an expert masseuse is exploring your back, passing across its strategic points used in acupuncture.

Dual-Action Massage
      A novel combination of tapping and kneading massage. A function that multiplies the beneficial, stress relieving effects of both types of massage.

Swedish Massage
      Swedish massage is a pleasant combination of light circular massaging with gentle tapping. It is similar to the dual-action massage, although not as vigorous.


Brand BH Shiatsu
Usage Home Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 3 years parts and labour (home use) 

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