BH Shiatsu M650 Venice Massage Chair - FREE INSTALLATION

SKU BGE-10645
Free Installation across the entire range of BH Shiatsu Massage Chairs!

The BH SHIATSU Venice Massage Chair is inspired by the canals of the unique Italian city of the same name.

The Venice Massage Chair handles your body as a set of meridians, or energy channels, which when activated at precise points can unlock or improve energy flow, leading to the most complete sensation of wellbeing and relaxation.

The BH Shiatsu M650 Venice Massage Chair Features:

The M650 Venice has the unique Zero Gravity system. With rollers positioned above the heart (as with astronauts during takeoff), the Zero-G position (Zero Gravity) will allow your body weight to be evenly distributed across the entire Massage Chair. This ensures that the feeling of relaxation is as complete as possible. Any traces of stress will vanish. Tiredness will give way to a comforting feeling of wellbeing.

The following types of massage are available with this model:

Kneading Massage

Circular massage that efficiently relaxes the whole back, strengthening the muscles and easing away tension.

Tapping Massage

A very gentle, pleasant massage where skilled, agile hands tap along the length of the back helping to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body.

Dual-Action Massage

A novel combination of tapping and kneading massage. A function that multiplies the beneficial, stress relieving effects of both types of massage.

Shiatsu Massage

Feel as if the finger of an expert masseuse is exploring your back, passing across its strategic points used in acupuncture.


Brand BH Shiatsu
Usage Home Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 3 years parts and Labour (Home use only)