BH Shiatsu M1200 Scala Massage Chair - FREE INSTALLATION

SKU BGE-3902
Free Installation across the entire range of BH Shiatsu Massage Chairs!

Enjoy the Perfect Combination!

Let the ambilight experience create the ideal atmosphere of comfort, home snugness and peace and select the music therapy program (synchronized massage) to allow the massage centre to pamper your whole body to the rhythm of your favourite music, from head to toe. You will never want this moment to end

With the BH Shiatsu M12000 Scala, air takes on a whole new role, designed to be a new concept. Thanks to air we achieve a state of total relaxation, to enjoy a level of comfort never dreamed of

By means of a complete massage system built into the M12000 Scala Massage Chair, with more than 40 perfectly synchronized airbags, our body will be massaged muscle by muscle, from head to toe, in the same way as an expert masseuse would do it.

The following types of massage are available with this model:

Kneading Massage

Circular massage that efficiently relaxes the whole back, strengthening the muscles and easing away tension.

Tapping Massage

A very gentle, pleasant massage that simulates skilled, agile hands tap along the length of the back, helping to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body.

Tapping Finger Massage

A softer, more relaxing variation of the tapping massage, for those who prefer a more gentle tapping sensation.

Wavelet Massage

A novel combination of tapping and kneading massage. A function that multiplies the beneficial, stress relieving effects of both types of massage.

Pummelling Massage

Massage that simulates knuckles passing along the back, producing a revitalizing effect and encouraging blood circulation.

Musical Therapy

Synchronise the various massage functions (types, intensity and range) with your favorite music, enhancing the relaxing effect of the selected melody.


Brand BH Shiatsu
Usage Home Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 2 years parts and lobour