BH Fitness Shoulder Press

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Key Features:

  • Independent movement in order to make sure a correct training, balanced with a biomechanics design for a perfect contraction.

  • Convergent movement in order to make an overall workout.

  • 4 racks reinforced for plate storage.

  • Ultra solid steel chassis. Combination of two kind of tubes: 76mm diameter circle tube and 100x50mm oval tube; both with 3mm width. TIG welding in all the union points.

  • High durability stainless screws.

  • Ergonomic adjustment lever.

  • The seat adjustment is mechanic with an hydraulic compensator. It has an articulated quadrilateral structure made on steel with the hydraulic aid.

  • Possibility to adjust the knee-holder rollers, which are also designed with a positive lateral inclination to adapt to more users.

  • Fireproof upholstery made in hi-density polyfoam for more comfort and reliability.

  • High precision industrial ball bearings to ensure smooth operation and protection against corrosion.

  • Elastic adjustments that allow the user to adapt easily and accurately to the machine.

  • Rubber protections on the supports to avoid scratches.

  • Anti-slip aluminum grips for the best feeling during exercise and the greatest guarantee for durability.

  • Diameter of the grips: 38cm

  • Due to the variety of settings and adjustments, it offers a wide range of positions for anyone to use the machine.


  • Length: 164 cm

  • Width: 159 cm

  • Height: 149 cm

  • Weight: 162Kg

  • Max. Load: 300Kg

  • Starting Weight: 4.5Kg


Brand BH Fitness
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New