BH Fitness R370 Cardiff Rower

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Enjoy a new experience in your training sessions with a rowing machine that easily adapts to any user. It is BH’s first water powered rower with up to 6 resistance levels and adjustable footrests.

The R370 Cardiff Rower is specifically designed to be lightweight, portable and space-saving.

Rowing has long been recognised as the most complete aerobic exercise: 

    • Works 84% of the muscle mass- more than any other exercise, rowing recruits all major muscle groups
    • Maximises gain, minimise time - derive maximum benefit from an all body workout and burn more calories in less time
    • Kind to the body - no impact or load on the joints, suitable for all, young or old, male or female, big or small, fit or unfit
    • Relaxing to the mind - smooth and rhythmical, a joy to use
    • Combines Aerobic and Resistance - unique combination of aerobic and anaerobic benefits.


Use frequency Intensive
Maximum user weight 125Kg
Flywheel (kg) 12,5Kg (máx)
Length 205
Width 56
Height (cm) 97
Weight 38,5Kg
Dimensions folded (L x W x H) 97x56x205
Additional exercise Yes