BERG Rally Force

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Due to regional restrictions, we’re not able to deliver BERG products to Ireland or Northern Ireland.

The BERG Rally Force has supper attractive rims and pneumatic tyres - for super speeds and extra comfort. Age range 4 - 12 years.

The Go Kart for children up to 12 years of age. This compact Go-Kart will be great on or off road with its all-terrain tyres. Super attractive rims and pneumatic tyres for faster speeds. Easy to adjust seat and great looks.

It is not just a strong sturdy go kart but it is packed full of clever features as well that help to set it aside from the competition.

BFR System
BFR stands for Brake/Forward/Reverse. The unique BERG BFR drive system allows you to pedal forward, brake by simply adding a little bit of back pressure to the pedals come to a stop and then continue forward or backwards. The BFR system will also allow you to coast along without the pedals spinning around and bumping your ankles.

The easily adjustable seat and steering wheel means that you will have years of pedalling fun as you grow.

Always Stable
The swing axle means that all 4 wheels will remain on the ground even when you are on an uneven surface.


Brand Berg
Usage Home Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 2 years