BERG E-Gran Tour Off Road 4 seater Electric Family Bike


Due to regional restrictions, we’re not able to deliver BERG products to Ireland or Northern Ireland.

This E-version of Gran Tour is a 4 person family bicycle with electric pedal assist. The product is intented for rental use at e.g. campsites/boulevards, etc. The electric pedal assist makes your customers experience an unforgettably comfortable ride. The E-Gran Tour offers your customers the best holiday experience there is. It's relaxing, fun, safe and a group activity for young and old.

There are almost no real other competitor products that offer the same functionality of electric pedal assist. And if so, such products are surpassed on look & feel. The E-Gran Tour product quality has gotten very reliable through multiple years of product development. This makes the need for product maintenance very low. Also, the product price is very competitive and surely the E-Gran Tour offers the highest revenue through rental when compared with other electric fun mobility vehicles!

Because the lithium-ion battery is directly exchangeable with a spare battery (optional), the E-Gran Tour does not have any downtime and is always available for rent-out. This is an unique feature when compared with electric vehicles powered by lead batteries.

* Sunroof not included but is available as an optional extra


  • 500W brushless electric motor, with
  • Easily exchangeable 36V, 15Ah lithium-ion battery (3hrs duration) with fast charger (2,5hrs max). Battery can be charged for 600 times and still retain 75% of capacity.
  • Max. speed for E-assist: 9km/h (higher is possible by pedalling although without E-assist)


  • Colour is bright orange for the seats and most other plastics and black for the frame
  • Appropriate for two adults and two children
  • Two rear seats and two front seats. Front seats in combination with safety belts
  • Trustworthy steering
  • Freewheel transmission system (forward peddling is combined with freewheeling when feet are hold still). Freewheel is mounted on both sides (driver's side & passenger's side)
  • Hand brake and parking brake on the rear wheels
  • 460mm diameter O Road wheels with very low wear rubber and strong, thick plastic rims
  • New: seat frame has tight grip on the frame. Product lifetime is greatly enhanced
  • Demountable swing axle (150 swing)
  • Since 2013 demountable rear axle from special high strength steel. Extreme product abuse that is cause for breaking axles (e.g. collisions, overloading) can easily be serviced with spare parts.


Brand Berg
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 2 Years