BERG Compact Pink BFR Go-Kart


Due to regional restrictions, we’re not able to deliver BERG products to Ireland or Northern Ireland.

This super cool go-kart is fast and agile.

Its size makes this go-kart fast and agile and you can drive up and down any path easily.

All BERG Compact go-karts have a unique BFR system, which means you can pedal forwards, brake (the handbrake provides extra braking power) and, after standing still, pedal backwards without changing gear. Adjustable seat for years of playing fun! Its size makes it very affordable.

Check out the Berg Pedal Go Kart Compact Pink BFR and its perfect size for limited spaces!

It features a break-forward-reverse system that allows you to drive backwards. Simply let the kart coast or stand still after peddling forward, then slightly move your legs in the opposite direction to start the breaking mechanism. After which, you may begin cycling in reverse. Hows that for a ride-on toy!

It also features a parking brake for safety, steel ball bearings, an innovative steering mechanism and an industrial frame. Moreover, its equipped with a swing axle for more control while on unsteady terrain.


Brand Berg
Usage Home Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 5 Years on Frame + 2 Years on Parts - * Only available through online registration at