Origin 40mm High Impact Flooring


The Origin 40mm High Impact Tiles can feature in almost any gym environment. However, the tiles have been designed for free-weight and strength & conditioning zones. These hard-wearing tiles will withstand both high footfall or impact.

The heterogeneous (dual layer) construction of the tile is a 37mm recycled rubber base bonded to a 3mm EPDM top sheet. The base layer provides sound, impact and vibration reduction. The top sheet layer provides a dense, smooth, hard wearing surface. Together they make up an effective and functional free weight gym tile.

The tiles have a bevel on the edges which help to neutralize the effect of subfloor imperfections. The underside of the tile has channels which reduce weight and streamlines installation.

A 1m x 0.5m footprint ensures efficient installation and versatile layout options. 40mm thick tiles provide excellent performance and value.

Force Reduction
Force reduction is one of the most important factor when buying free weight flooring. The Origin High Impact Tiles have a force reduction of 51.7% in accordance to European standards (EN14809: 2005). This means the tiles will absorb impact ensuring a safe lifting environment.

Sound and Vibration Reduction
Free weight and Olympic lifting areas are often subject to persistent impact. The flooring must minimise sound and vibration to minimise disruption to surrounding areas. The Origin tiles feature these properties.

Installation - Joining Plates
Each tile accommodates joining plate connectors. This allows up to 12 connection points per tile. Connecting the tiles like this reduces any individual tile movement. Each tile comes with 4 central and 2 outer connectors as standard. The tile can be loose laid without connectors – though this may result in slight movement of tiles.

  • Heterogeneous construction with 37mm recycled rubber base and 3mm EDPM rubber top sheet
  • 0.5m x 1m x 40mm Tile Size
  • Suitable for free-weight, Olympic lifting, and strength & conditioning zones
  • Impact, noise and vibration reduction
  • Easy to install with joining plate connectors