BOX12 Boxing Pod


NEW FOR 2022

If you're looking to give your gym facility the edge, whilst offering a Boxing HIIT workout like no other, the new BOX12 Pod will be just up your street.

Offering a full Boxing Rig with an Aqua Bag and integrated storage for all your functional kit, this impressive unit comes with an interactive touch screen with 6 x preloaded BOX12 workouts. If you want to give your clients the freedom to train independently, this setup is ideal for those who cannot attend a class or prefer to train solo whilst receiving guidance and expert instruction.

You can customise your rig to suit your needs, choosing the weights that work best for you, with the following available as a standard package:  

  • Freestanding Boxing Frame (H: 2250mm, D: 1313mm; W: 1660mm)
  • 22” Touch screen
  • 3 x Slam Balls – 5/7/12kg
  • 4 x Kettlebells –  8/12/16/20kg
  • 4 x Dumbbells (pairs) – 4/8/12/16kg
  • 3 x Sandbags – 10/15/20kg
  • 1 x Aqua Bag