Fitness trends for you to try in 2019

Fitness trends for you to try in 2019

Over the last five years, fitness has become more and more important in our lives. Each year we find ourselves exposed to new and innovative fitness trends that change the way we work out. With health and fitness becoming more popular, the trends of the industry adapt to our individual needs of exercise. This year has seen some exciting trends surface, along with classic ones being brought back to shake up the way that we approach fitness.

Last year the biggest trends of the fitness industry were functional training and using higher qualified personal trainers. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and boxing were both trends identified last year that have continued to grow even further going into the start of 2019. Four months into this year we have seen the fitness trends of 2019 rollout in front of our eyes. Here we have summarised our top fitness trends for 2019 that you should try. From the innovative fitness apps to the exciting boxing & mixed martial arts (MMA) training, transform your workouts with these trends.


Group classes

Group classes have seen a great rise in popularity over the past year with individuals preferring to exercise with others rather than alone. Whether it's for motivation or adding competition, workout classes such as spin and circuit training have seen an influx of users recently. Livestrong found in 2017 that group classes have health and form benefits alongside the motivational and social aspects of exercise in a group setting.

Different group classes cater to the different needs of fitness. So those looking to improve cardiovascular fitness or promote weight loss can complete aerobic based classes such as spin classes or step aerobics. Whereas individuals looking to build their muscular strength and endurance will be more catered to weight-based circuit training and calisthenics. So, group classes have that great variety to fit all of your training needs.

As personal trainers are present to instruct group classes, they can ensure that you perform all exercises with proper form. Not only does this ensure that your muscles are properly worked, but it also reduces the risk of gaining an injury. So, with the help of group classes, you can promote good form to work your muscles efficiently and get the most out of your fitness plan.

The clear advantages of group classes make the trend an attractable form of exercise to add to your fitness regime. Try a group class with your gym soon and reap the excellent benefits of group-based exercise.

Fitness apps

Fitness apps have been around for a while, however, they have only reached the mainstream fitness industry over the past couple of years. This year it is predicted that fitness apps will become more popular than ever. With a vast variety of apps now available. There is an app out there for any fitness level and all exercise needs. As the apps are so accessible now with the use of smartphones, users can complete workouts or track activity and nutrition anywhere.

This fitness trend is set to be massive this year with technology being developed faster and becoming more involved in exercise as the years go on. More apps are coming onto the market with an amazing variety of free and paid apps available to use today. So, whether you are looking for new workout ideas or you want to track your daily calories, there is an app out there to fit your purpose.

Fitness enthusiasts and gym goers are great fans of these apps as they can access valuable exercise information on their phones. Health & Fitness apps also have shareable features, so users can share their stats on social platforms with friends and family. So, if you are looking to track your workouts and nutrition to improve your fitness, this trend will be right up your street.

HIIT workouts

HIIT workouts saw a huge increase in popularity in 2018, as users found the workout method highly attractive. Gym goers embraced HIIT due to the amount of calories you could burn in a short period of time with intense workouts. HIIT allows individuals to witness the health benefits of cardio and weightlifting in a shorter period of time. This has led to the method being used by fitness enthusiasts and gym goers of all levels.

HIIT involves high intensity workouts over a short period of time with alternated rest periods. This method of exercise has become a firm favourite of those looking to lose weight quickly and also bodybuilders during cutting seasons. The excellent benefits of HIIT have led to the trend living on further in 2019. The fitness trend does not look like stopping soon as it has become very popular with personal trainers and is also being incorporated into exercise classes at commercial gyms.

Whether you are looking to get yourself in your ideal shape for the summer or you just want to raise your fitness level, HIIT is definitely a trend that you should try and implement into your training.


Activity tracking with smart watches

Wearable technology is set for even greater growth in 2019 with gym users and fitness fanatics tracking their weekly workouts to monitor progression. Activity tracking with smart watches has become massively popular since the introduction of Fitbit watches. The smart watches and trackers allow users to track details of their workouts, from the steps they covered to the amount of calories they have burnt through exercise. The trackers and watches have since become even more advanced measuring your hydration and nightly sleep analysis.

The trend has shown no signs of stopping with sales of smart watches and fitness trackers still on the rise. Commercial gyms have now added pairing settings to their apps so you can now measure your fitness statistics at your local gym. Just like fitness apps, wearable technology products are set for more innovative updates and advancements in the future.

Activity tracking with smart watches is a trend that you should try this year with watches available at accessible prices for standard features such as activity tracking, sleep and nutrition. More advanced watches can be purchased at higher prices if you require those special extra features.



Shorter workouts

This year shorter workouts are set to become a major trend. As the schedules of our lives are getting busier, we have less time to go to the gym and attend fitness classes. People are now trying to be more efficient with their workouts and pack daily sessions in under an hour or even within 30 minutes. This trend goes hand in hand with the continuing trend of HIIT, as fitness enthusiasts are trying to condense their session while maintaining the health benefits.

Last year ClassPass found that we attended more classes that were 45 minutes or less rather than booking those that lasted an hour or more. This fitness trend is even more relevant now with regular gym goers cutting down their time in the gym and beginners opting for shorter sessions.

You should try to reduce your time in the gym this year for more productive and efficient sessions. Not only will this benefit your fitness regime but will also give you more time to spend socially with family and friends. Shorter workouts are here to stay with the current trends so should get on board with them today.


Boxing & MMA

The regular cardio of treadmills and cross-trainers can be boring and repetitive for some, so a fitness trend for you to try this year could be boxing & MMA. Boxing has been a popular method of cardio for gym goers over the past 3 years. Commercial gyms have now run with this trend and have started their own boxing classes for members. Although boxing has been associated with gyms & fitness for a while, MMA has only become part of the fitness mainstream recently.

Muay Thai boxing has become one of the more popular options of cardiovascular activity, due to its high intensity and the thrill of the discipline. The physicality of MMA makes it more enjoyable than standard gym cardio, however, it also has some excellent benefits for your health. Kickboxing is found to improve leg strength, hip mobility and core strength alongside conditioning your cardiovascular system.

Boxing & MMA is a fitness trend that we should all look to try this year. By providing a more enjoyable and physical method of cardio and having great health benefits, these activities will enhance your cardiovascular activity.







Yoga has been a fitness trend for the last few years, however, it is predicted that it will further increase in popularity this year. With wellness becoming a more important element in fitness recently, more people are now taking part in yoga. As yoga has been found to improve flexibility and also have positive effects on the mind. More gym goers are now looking to add the activity to their regime to witness these effects.

Yoga has been found to reduce stress levels, improve your sleep cycle and promote feelings of calmness and happiness. By affecting our mental health just as positively as our physical health, many fitness enthusiasts now use yoga in their fitness plan. This has led to commercial gyms having more frequent yoga classes in their fitness studios.

The great thing about yoga is that it can be performed by people of all abilities. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced gym goer, yoga is suitable for all fitness levels. Also, yoga can work out different elements. So, whether you are looking to improve your flexibility with extreme yoga or your mental health with wellness yoga, there will be a yoga class to fit your needs. In 2019 yoga could have a great influence on your fitness, so this is a fitness trend we should all look to try.


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